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What happens at Wireless Life Rocks

You can live anywhere. And you can also work from anywhere. At Wireless Life Rocks, we help you to escape from your treat mill, to discover your potential, and to give your life a whole new direction.

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Wireless Life Rocks

Who is in good hands with us

If your professional career has long since become a tread mill, if you have been dreaming of a change for a long time and finally want to explore or even take the necessary steps, you are in good hands at Wireless Life Rocks. Together with you, we explore your possibilities and potentials and help you to find and follow your personal path to a happy and fulfilled life.

Our goal is to accompany you, to focus your energy and to help you with our experience. Because we know the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that lurk on the path to change. Both in your mindset and in the world.

How we can support you

Wireless Life Rocks

Personal consulting

We analyze your current situation and define your desired situation during a personal meeting or a video conference.


We accompany you on your journey from finding decision, realigning mindset, changing behavior to transformation and integration.


In our workshops you will benefit from our expertise, applied practice, exciting interaction and a lively exchange of experiences.

Why Wireless Life Rocks?

Because you deserve to live the way you've always wanted to live. And because you need all the support you can get when you're going through drastic changes. At Wireless Life Rocks, we've been through everything you've got ahead of you. And that's why we can support you perfectly.

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About me

Shape the future

Many conversations, many people and many of my own experiences led me to develop a completely new coaching and consulting path. The target group are people who want to discover more in their lives and leave well-trodden paths. I personally prefer a free and independent lifestyle and commute between different states. A few months a year I travel and live in a motorhome and work from the most beautiful places in the world.

Experience in my backpack

Based on my commercial education, I started my own business in advertising and sales at an early stage and built an effective sales team that expanded to over 16 countries. In addition, I have been working as a multilingual trainer and consultant for international companies for more than 20 years. In my seminars I impart concentrated knowledge around the topics of sales, leadership, communication, mental training, setting and achieving goals, coaching & mentoring, process management, health management and meditation.

Roland private

Like many others, I have permanently developed and recognized what is really important in life. For me, the focus is on the core topics of health, relationships and personal development. Because only when these three topics are fully developed can career, income and lifestyle also develop permanently.

Roland Friedl Wireless Life Rocks
Roland Friedl Wireless Life Rocks
Roland Friedl Wireless Life Rocks