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Warum WLR ? Wireless Life Rocks frei unabhängig selbstbestimmt

Why WLR ? - Independent, free and self-determined

Why WLR (Wireless Life Rocks) ? A good question. Why and what does it mean? That's what this article is about.

Many people dream of living a free, self-determined and independent life. Very few live it.

Many people want to get out of the tread mill, but very few make it. Wrong: very few dare to do it and take the first steps towards freedom and independence.

A self-determined life sounds tempting. To decide for yourself where you live, with whom and what you do to finance your life, that is freedom.

It's not about being able to do everything, rather not having to do what you don't want to do.

Why a wireless life ?

Deciding for yourself where you want to live. In a representative survey by YouGov, 55% said they would like to live abroad, a good third of them forever. 13 percent could imagine living outside Germany for two to five years. Nine percent want to stay away for a year at most. Older people in particular - aged 55 and over - could imagine staying abroad forever. 

But as I said, many dream about it. Few actually put it into practice. 

I have noticed in many conversations with friends, acquaintances, etc. that they just think it is complicated and elaborate. Many can't decide where they want to go. Most have no idea how to generate income in their new home. Many are afraid that they will lose contact with family and friends.

Many have other fears, or excuses not to implement it.

But let's be honest: When will you finally start to live, that is, to live your own life. The life that YOU want to live, regardless of what others think of it. Just self-determined and not determined by others. 

Someone once said to me, "Success begins where you stop depending on others' opinions of you."

At first I also thought, what do my friends, my neighbors, my colleagues, etc. think? But do they pay my rent, my expenses? NO. I am responsible for it myself. Then I might as well do what I like and others don't have to like it. Because it is my life, my decisions.

No one can stop you from living your dream. 

Out of the matrix, into life. With all the consequences, with everything that goes with it.

And I can tell you: it feels damn good.

But as the saying goes: life is not a pony farm. Correct, not everything is always blissful, the sun doesn't shine every day. Of course there are challenges to overcome here, too. But I have full control over how I want to master them. 

The meaning of life is not to be happy 24/7. But if you follow your intuition and live the life that you really want to live, a meaning filled life. Then you are happy and master all challenges at your own speed. You are completely free and no one can manipulate you or scare you.

You just have to face your own fears.

And of course I had and still have doubts and fears from time to time. But I also had them in my previous life. And there, too, I had to learn to deal with them. It is no different today. But I don't let them stop me.

Today I know why WLR. I am independent, free and self-determined.

The price of freedom is less than the price of dependence

Successful people know you have to pay a price to achieve your goals / dreams. I think the price is more than justified for the independence and freedom you gain.

It's worth taking the plunge. Definitely. And you can always go back.

What is there to lose. At worst, you are richer by one experience, but at least you tried it. In the end, you only regret what you didn't dare to try.

As the saying goes: there is no free lunch. Yes, there is nothing for free. Neither in the treadmill nor in freedom. You pay a price for everything. And my experience after more than 35 years of an independent lifestyle confirms to me every day: the price of freedom is much lower than the price of dependence. Dependent on the job, dependent on the opinion of others, dependent on distractions and addictions. Dependent and distracted. Trapped in the matrix.

There is no way I would want to go back today. My life today is too beautiful, exciting, diverse and thrilling for me to want to go back to my supposed safety.

I am really secure today because I do not depend on any external factors. I make all my decisions independently of others.

I have taken full responsibility for my life.

The question is, when do you start to take full responsibility for your life and live independently, freely and self-determined and be happy and fulfilled?

So why WLR ? And why for you ? We can clarify this question in a joint conversation.