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Travel and work alone

On the topic of traveling and working alone, I had started with 2 lists: one to list the advantages and one to list the disadvantages. Because before I start writing, I think about what I want to convey and write down keywords.

To say it right away: what a surprise, the list with the advantages was much longer. But I have to note that this is of course my subjective list, because it is based on my value system and my preferences.

Traveling and working alone does not necessarily mean being lonely. Traveling alone is a circumstance, feeling lonely is a choice.

In the beginning was uncertainty

To be honest, in the beginning I was a bit afraid of traveling alone or living alone in a camper. However, I was not afraid of muggings or other dangers, but how I would feel when I was on my own. Alone and maybe lonely?

After a few months of traveling alone - not quite, since I travel with a dog and cat, or live in a camper - I was mostly fine with it. 

One is alone only if one places itself alone where or on a SP or CP the contact with others consciously avoids. Otherwise, you always get to know nice other camper / campers. With some I still have contact and we exchange about recommendations for standing, sightseeing, restaurants, etc..

Lonely I have sometimes felt, especially when I was overwhelmed with a situation, for example, because one of the animals was sick or briefly disappeared, or in beautiful moments such as sunsets on the beach with other couples, sometimes in the restaurant with a good meal, or simply feel closeness and intimacy.

But otherwise, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for me. What does not mean that I would not like to travel with a partner, would just be different - not better or worse, just different.

What are now for me personally the advantages that I have learned to appreciate the last few months: I determine my own daily rhythm. Where I go. How long I stay in one place. What I do there. There are no discussions, disagreements and unnecessary arguments.

The freedom that I mean

I have learned to appreciate very much that I am free and can live and travel according to my own rhythm. That I listen to myself and then do what feels good to me at the moment. What feels right to me. I was always such a "people pleaser" and then I always followed my partner's lead and was not always happy with some of the decisions.

And I also learned that I have to learn to deal with this new freedom. What do I do every day, do I find a rhythm, a routine. Do I just spend my time alone or do I make something of it? What do I do with the freedom I have gained? How do I deal with it? Do I feel comfortable with it at all? Or do I prefer others to make decisions for me?

And yes, it's not always easy to make decisions alone, but you grow and learn to appreciate and love it. It scared me sometimes, but it also made me grow from it. For which I am very grateful.

Somehow I also understand better now why a large part of humanity can't do anything with freedom and prefers to be given something. 

At the end of my thoughts I have included a post by JV, who writes very beautifully " If you are caught in the hamster wheel, it is sometimes easy to dream ... you can not, because ... has apparently no choice. And then suddenly you are free and have all the options...as it is with personal responsibility in life."

Those words that go through your head as a physical manifestation of your thinking are only the visible tip of the iceberg. Your thinking is much much more. Whether limiting beliefs, personal opinion, thoughts of courage, fear, anger, hate or love. So is the quality of your life. Your feelings and emotions are created by your thinking and thus can be controlled by your thinking.

The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts. (Marcus Aurelius)

I have also found that I am much more focused, less distracted by my partner. I'm much more productive. I write more.

I get to know myself much better, which is very important for me because I have always been in relationships and never alone with myself.

As a result, I'm learning to face challenges on my own and growing from it. I am not always dependent on the help of others.

And finally I have more time for myself when traveling and working alone, I get much better rest. I sleep better and am in a better mood.

And regarding the social aspect, I am much more open to people and get to know new people. As a couple, you tend to be more focused on yourself.

Dear friend Johannes Vogt wrote very beautifully in one of his SocialMedia posts:

Thoughts by the sea

There are moments while traveling when everything looks beautiful and yet a sadness, a longing or a feeling of emptiness comes to the surface. 

It's all good after all - I'm on vacation!

Maybe the world-weariness, the moon, the hormones, tiredness, expectations, hopes...Allow everything, breathe ...

Many things become perceptible again differently, when suddenly there is space. - 

And to weigh between many possibilities can also demand... different, but similar to having no possibilities at all.

If you are caught in the treadmill, it is sometimes easy to dream... you can't, because ...apparently you have no choice. And then suddenly you are free and have all the possibilities... as it is with personal responsibility in life.

It is probably a daily sensing of what you need yourself, what your heart longs for - whether at home or while traveling.

And in the end it is the inner journeys and the inner decisions with which attitude one meets situations.

So it remains a constant navigating through the unknown, the familiar, the usual, in autonomy or connections with the associated emotions. A growing, mirroring, projecting, rejoicing, laughing and mourning.

Again and again I look at the brave young travelers, the tough single parents, the young families and all those who break the hamster wheel and dare the leap into the unknown.

At the same time, I look at those who have found stability and support in pleasant routines... who face the challenges of everyday life and accept with humility what life gives them and share from the heart what they have to give. 

And look again at the fisherman who casts his line anew.