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Working on the road

Working on the road

Traveling is fun, traveling costs money, so some want or need to work on the road, especially if they have no savings.

Whether you live in a motorhome like I do at the moment, or just like to travel to the most beautiful places in the world while working, the possibilities are many.

In this blog, I'll write exclusively about my personal experiences making money or working on the road. I would like to say right away that almost everything I list and describe below has been with me for several years. That means, I'm not the classic YouTuber and Influencer who moved into a van and is trying to finance the van life that way. I write this without any judgment. As we know, all that glitters is not gold and many are deluding themselves. Which does not mean that some are also successful. But it is a lot of work and needs besides discipline and perseverance also patience. 

As the saying goes, "There is no free lunch."

Working on the road - years of preparation

I have built up my business in the different areas over years. No quick fixes, no rash decisions, a solid business built up over years. A few new projects were added, of course, because everything is in motion. I am a flexible person and always reinvent myself. I merge the tried and tested with new, innovative projects. I never stand still and try to adapt to the needs of my target markets.

But let's start from the beginning. In my professional life I was allowed to gain a lot of experience in different industries, positions and constellations. In recent years, my income has been largely made up of two activities. My work as a trainer and coach for international companies, for which I held trainings and workshops on all continents except Australia and Antarctica in the areas of sales and leadership. In addition, I had built a part-time MLM business with health products in several countries with hundreds of active affiliates and thousands of customers. This was my starting position before traveling or living and working full time in an RV.

In addition, I started hosting TV shows on various topics for an American network; and designed and developed 2 shows myself. 

I was a guest lecturer at a private university, teaching mostly leadership and management.

And then while traveling - I had a lot of time to think and be creative - additional projects and income opportunities arose.

Working on the road - coaching, workshops analog and virtual

From old to new or in other words: due to the challenges of the last years this business of mine had changed from analog to virtual in the years 2020 to 2022. 

Now in 2023 many things are possible again on site at the customer's location or in a seminar hotel. That means workshops, trainings, consulting and coaching, the whole sparring approach is again analog with the customers. 

That means I travel to the customer events with my motorhome again. In addition, I still do some things via Zoom with my customers, especially with coaching customers, where there is a good basis of trust. In practice, this means that after initial face-to-face meetings, we do some events, especially the coaching sessions online. This saves the client and me a lot of time and is just as efficient and successful.

My clients are mainly in the DACH region and in the USA and Canada.

This should remain an important mainstay, not only because it is lucrative, but also because I am passionate about it and it gives me great satisfaction to accompany and support people and organizations. Besides, it would be a shame to let my wealth of experience, built up over decades, lie idle and not share it with those who want to improve.

For entrepreneurs and organizations: sparrtner-performance.com

For individualists: wirelessliferocks.com

Working on the road - ideal with network marketing

For a long time I had resisted it because of many prejudices. Until I came across a company in 1994 that appealed to me. Not immediately, but gradually. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Although it was a rocky road, but where do you get a free lunch?

I went through many valleys, had some setbacks and self-doubt, heard a lot of no's and felt some rejection as well.

BUT my why was strong enough: I wanted to build a business that I could run in the medium and long term from anywhere in the world and without any initial investment. And that allows me to live the way I imagine it. And not as the so-called society expects it from me.

After 2 years of hard and consistent part-time work I had reached the highest possible position in the company. This allowed me a comfortable passive income and at that time also my change of residence to a beautiful island for 14 years before I fulfilled another dream of a somewhat luxurious motor home. Which allows me to travel and work in and meanwhile live and work in it full-time.

In the meantime, almost 30 years have passed with this company and I have not regretted a single day.

Many people are interested in a healthier lifestyle and want to stay fit and healthy. And that's where this business offers me products that have to meet 3 important cornerstones for me: they work, they are easy and practical to take every day, they are absolutely affordable. Simply brilliant for me and my satisfied customers.

And in addition, there are very, very many people who are looking for a sustainable concept to build an additional part-time income or even main income. A brilliant solution for digital nomads and van-lifers. 

If you are also interested in the products and/or the business opportunity, feel free to contact me for a personal ZoomCall:

office@rolandfriedl.com .

Working on the road - Blogs & Vlogs

Through the initial traveling and later living and working in an RV, I started writing blogs on different topics. Blogs like this one I publish on the website www.WirelessLifeRocks.com I always thought I wasn't good at writing; I'd rather talk. But I've been having more and more fun with it and I think my articles are getting better too. Above all, authenticity is important to me. No fake, no pretending an ideal world, writing as it is, how I feel. Real - authentic - uncut.

I think there is enough fake on the various social media channels. I've always been repulsed by that and it's not my style.

Since I live in a motorhome, work and travel with it through Europe, and I have developed more and more joy in blog writing, I now offer my blog services to companies.

The vlogs have come about through my interviews for USA GLOBAL TV & RADIO and will continue to expand and improve.

In the medium term, this should help me earn a regular income.


Working on the road - TV shows, Youtube channel

As I wrote in the beginning, since 2021 I conceptualize, host and present TV shows on different topics like environment (TES - The Earth Show), men's topics (WAH - Wild at Heart), healthy lifestyle (IYHLS - It's Your Healthy Lifestyle), business topics (Talking Head) and generally interesting topics (TMC - The Mallorca Connection) for USA GLOBAL TV & RADIO.

I did this from my finca in Mallorca in the beginning and now I stream from my motorhome. (I will write another blog about the technology and tools I use.)

And since the TV shows are all in English of course, I decided to start my own media channel with all the topics, but also in German. At the moment my agency is designing the videos and logos, the first interviews have already taken place in German. And as soon as I have everything from the agency, I will edit the recordings and then put them online (youtube.com,  rumble.com) . An exciting project. I have a lot of fun with it, even if it means a lot of work. But honestly, I love to write in the motorhome or even better in front of it sitting in dry weather. The surrounding nature is pure inspiration for me.

However, I always need a stable and fast internet.

My Youtube channel is called ROLAND Media, and the corresponding website (currently under construction) is Roland-media.com .

The playlist on ROLAND Media: The Earth Show (RespectMotherEarth.com), Sparring4Leaders (sparrtner-performance.com), Wild at Heart (sparring4men.com & bonfiretalks.com), Wireless Life Rocks (WirelessLifeRocks.com) und MANTRApreneur (rolandfriedl.com).

At this point many thanks to Sam & Renato Holl for the great cooperation and friendship. The two are responsible for all my websites, logos and jingles etc.(imagehochzwei.com .)

Working on the road - writing books

Another new passion is writing books. I have to say that this has always been a dream of mine. However, I lacked the self-confidence to do so. I always thought I couldn't do it, I wasn't good enough at writing.

That changed when I met Red O'Laughlin from Texas. He gave me very very helpful tips that helped me a lot to start writing. On regular ZoomCalls, he always gave me great coaching. I am very grateful for that.

I immediately had 4 books in mind on different topics. I started with a business book for sales and sales managers.

Writing this first book took about 9 months with interruptions. Honestly, even in retrospect, the writing was the easiest part. Although I was convinced beforehand that it would challenge me the most. The proofreading, the editing, the cover design and the marketing itself were a whole other ball game. But you grow with your challenges and keep learning. 

I should note that I don't have a publisher, but with the help of Red I do everything by myself, except for the cover design.

Furthermore, I have written in German and English in parallel, so I can publish the book in two languages. Probably on different Amazon sites in different countries.

As soon as the book is available, I will announce it on my websites and SocialMedia channels.

I'm happy when the first book is on the market, because then I can immediately start the next one. A new passion of mine and I can write anywhere. I need thereby only for research and data gathering Internet.

Working on the road - Conclusion

There are many ways to work on the road. I think the key is that it is fun, there is a market for your products and services. And then attack!

If you want to benefit from my experiences, maybe you are still undecided what suits you best and how you can implement it, feel free to contact me.