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Auf dem Caravan Salon Düsseldorf Wohnmobil Dethleffs Globetrotter

Off to the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf

Today I'm off to the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf. I am already very excited about what all awaits me there. And I'm looking forward to all the information I'll gather about my dream motorhome.

With an hour's delay, I leave Palma for Düsseldorf in the evening for my first Caravan Salon. I always wanted to go there - to have a look. And now for the first time I not only want to look, but already have a concrete idea what I want and will order my own motorhome. That's how I am. 100% or nothing. If the idea has settled in the head, then follows also the action with all consequences. When I write our rf, I mean my partner and our dogs, which should now finally go on a trip and not always stay at home, as in our past trips, especially the long-distance trips. My partner in crime is so far not at all enthusiastic. THAT will still be a piece of work. The bank I had already convinced in advance that they support me in the financing.

The dream rv

It should be a Dethleffs Globetrotter XXL.

At the fair I meet my Austrian dealer, with whom I have been friends for over 30 years. And I want to use the days to look around at the accessories, get in touch with other motorhome owners, listen to lectures, etc.. For this I take 4 days time.

If I'm honest, the anticipation is already very high after it was clear to me that I want a motorhome and which model.

I have searched on various websites, many contributions around the rv on youtube.com viewed, rummaged in forums and was a few weeks ago also in the factory of the manufacturer, because I was very curious to see my desired rvmodel live. I had seen so far only the previous model on pictures and from the new also only 2 photos. But not in natura and in full size.

Therefore, I was also very happy that I was allowed to look at the new Globetrotter XXL even before the presentation at the Caravan Salon. And I also gave myself 2 hours. I was overwhelmed by the size and totally thrilled by the new design, especially it was now much more modern and contemporary inside. But mighty big, especially the height has surprised me, less the almost 9 m length.

Well, and when configuring on site, it was very quickly clear to me that the price of the rv with all the necessary and surcharge accessories (in another blog I will, as soon as the order is through, the camper and accessories present) increased quite neatly and by 30%. And I did not even have the money. Only the conviction that I will earn it in the next few months with new concepts (about this in another blog).

So now I'm on a plane and writing my blog, with which I want to inspire other people to be brave and realize their dreams. Simply to live their dream life and not just dreaming about it.

In general, I like to use the time on the plane (and I fly more often, about 40 times a year) to write my blog, as well as the waiting times at airports.

The day of decision approaches

You wouldn't believe how much time you can carve out to work on making your dreams come true. I write while flying, while waiting, by the pool, in the evening instead of watching TV, on the train, on the bus, whenever possible. And soon - it should be delivered next April - on my travels with the rv. As I write, I'm thinking about giving it a name. Let's see.

Wow, now it's about to get serious. Until now it was dreaming and looking forward to it. In the next few days I have to put a signature with the consequence that I also have to put up the money for it. But I'm confident and not afraid, although I've had 2 or 3 times bad doubts and sleepless nights in the last few weeks, whether it's a good time to take on such a financial burden.

But as it says on my left upper arm: LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO PLAY IT SAFE. Just be brave. A solution will be found and I am ready to work for it and go new professional ways. Yes you have to work for your dreams and sometimes fight for them. But it is worth it. It is always worth it and you learn a lot and above all you get to know yourself better. With every failure, with every new attempt and with every success.

Bin schon sehr auf den Caravan Salon gespannt, soll ja der größte der Welt sein. Freue mich auf 4 Tage des Gustieren und Kennenlernen, des Staunen und Lernen. Werde natürlich Fotos machen und so viel Info wie möglich zusammentragen, übers WoMo, sinnvolle Extra-Anschaffungen, Reiseberichte, Erfahrungen anderer WoMo-Besitzer uvm.

And of course, away from the caravan salon, I have also made appointments in Düsseldorf that concern my business. Among other things, I meet a couple friends who recently married and want to build an international business with me, as they also want to build an independent and free life.

In the next blog there will be info about the caravan salon and what I experienced there.

See you soon and don't forget: Stop looking - start living.