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Free standing on farms

Free standing on farms

For many, traveling with a motorhome is the ultimate freedom. On the road to the most beautiful places, your own bed always with you. And the trend is growing steadily. With the consequence that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand away from campsites and enjoy nature. How about free standing on farms?

Last year I came across a very, very great (for my personal requirements ) alternative to campgrounds or freestanding.

Stay at farms, wineries, or producers of local products.

Why not stay over night on a farm

So last year, for my one-month tour from southern to northern Germany (and then on to a two-month tour of Poland), I took out a Landvergnügen membership. For a small annual fee - valid from March to March of the following year - you get a Landvergnügen guidebook sent to you, along with a vignette for your camper, a membership card and access to the app.

Since my experience last year was exclusively positive, I ordered the new issue of Landvergnügen in time for the beginning of the year, and the issue of Bauernleben - the Austrian version - at the same time.

How does free standing work on farms

The concept is simple: You call one day before the desired arrival day directly at the farm and can then stand for 24 hours free of charge on the assigned place. Both in the app and in the book, the providers are described in detail, such as up to what length and weight your motorhome or camper may have, how many places they offer, whether dogs are allowed, whether there is water and / or electricity (for a fee), what they do, whether they have a farm store (more on this later), contact details and opening hours or until when you can arrive and much more.

What is important for me free standing on farms

I personally choose the farms according to 3 premises: is it on the way or is the detour not too big. Since I live full-time in my camper, I do not drive classically in a vacation destination with it. I work in the motorhome and therefore often on the road with longer journey and there I like to use the farms. But also like to enjoy a relaxing weekend in nature and come down. And since there are many member farms in Germany, there is always a suitable option on the way. Often it is only a few kilometers detour from the highway. Ideal if you have to go further the next day, for example to a customer appointment. If I don't have any deadline pressure, then I'm happy to take longer detours - especially to spend a weekend in a beautiful region.

Furthermore, it is crucial for me to have space with my 9 m part. So far, all the yards I have targeted have had space for my size. Since I am fully self-sufficient, the possibility to get electricity - for a small fee - or Wifi are not important. Sometimes I like to fill up my water tank when I am in an area with good spring water.

And last but not least  is for me a mostly - depending on the filling level of my food stocks - a criterion whether the hosts offer a farm store or direct sales of their products from own production.

Always fresh, local food

The products from our own production, which are offered for sale, are important for me. Because I like very much to buy local products from local producers; mainly eggs, goat cheese, meat and meat products from pasture-raised beef, lamb and game, homemade bread, homemade pasta, honey and so on. First of all, I like to know where my food comes from and how it is grown or produced, because for me quality is more important than quantity and I am also willing to pay more for it. And besides, I think it's only fair to the host. It should be a win-win situation for all involved, and not a one-way street. And I have to do the shopping anyway. I like to do it with my friendly hosts, with whom I have often had great conversations about their business and their products, time permitting. I have always learned something new.

In summary, I can say: a great idea that I am very happy to use AND support. I buy from every farm, even if sometimes my fridge is already full. Because I also like to bring the farm delicacies as a gift when I visit dear friends.