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Staying fit on the road

Staying fit on the road

Fit and healthy on the road

To really enjoy traveling, you need to be healthy and fit. I will write about healthy eating in another blog. In this blog I want to focus on the topic of fitness, workout, sports. The focus will be on living and/or traveling in an RV. And I will tell you in the next lines what possibilities there are to stay fit and in shape even on the road and limit myself to what I personally use. Of course there are other possibilities, but authenticity is important to me and therefore I write exclusively in my blogs about my own experiences.

How do I want to workout and what do I need for it?

In the preparation phase of my trip, I had several thoughts on how I can exercise on the road, what facilities I can use on the road and what equipment I will take with me - which I will actually use, because space is limited even in the largest motorhome, as we all know.

Using the gym to stay fit and healthy on the road bleiben

Let's start first with what I had planned, my considerations.

Since I was a member of a well-known gym chain that operates fitness centers in several countries in Europe, the consideration was to maintain the membership (at € 20 a month an absolutely manageable amount) and to visit one of the gyms every now and then. But I got away from it relatively quickly and finally canceled my membership, because the studios are exclusively in urban centers and I wanted to avoid them as much as possible. Because parking with a larger mobile is no fun in cities. Apart from that, I also prefer to go out into nature.

Alternatives to gym membership

So I thought about what alternatives do I have.

In Spain, for example, there are sports facilities run by the municipalities, which often have a gym and an indoor pool and also sell day tickets.

In Portugal I spent 15 nights at a 4 star campsite, just because of the Gym and the brilliant SPA. I went to the gym and sauna every day, sometimes twice a day. Who is on the road, who knows what I write about: It is simply pure luxury. After the gym in the sauna, long and extensive showers and there was also a towel service included. What more could you want.

Workout without gym

Of course, this is not possible everywhere and therefore I brought some fitness utensils for my workout:

Fitness mat for floor exercises, jogamat, 2 dumbbells, 2 kettlebells, fitness bands in different strengths, TRX and a jump rope.

The advantage is that these utensils can be used anywhere, whether I am at a campsite, pitch or free standing. Daily 30 - 40 minutes are already enough. And additionally a lot of stretching. 

I like to take the TRX with me on walks in the woods with the dog or to the park. Just hang it on the nearest tree and off you go.

At the place where I am currently standing and writing this blog, there is a calisthenics park. Machmal parks also have a fitness mile with different stations. Say, if you want to work out every day, you can always find a way.


Then, of course, I have swimming gear for indoor pool visits as well as for lakes and the sea, because I love to swim. Swimming goggles, earplugs, swimming cap (is mandatory in indoor pools), and some swim training paraphernalia. I always like to use indoor pools because they usually have large parking lots. Sometimes I stay there for more than one night, especially when I visit thermal baths. I especially love thermal baths, because you can relax very well in the sauna area. And for campers very important: extensive hot showers in all these facilities.


In addition, I have a SUP with me, which is mainly used on lakes. It's a lot of fun and a good workout. In use it was mainly in the Polish Massures with the countless beautiful lakes and for example in France at the Gorges du Verdon and its reservoirs, but also at other lakes in Germany and Austria.


It is also great to explore the area by bike, or to use it as a means of transportation to go to cities or shopping. Normally I have e-bikes with me and this time I did not take them, which I have already regretted a lot in the meantime. As soon as I get back from this tour, I will pack them again. This time I borrow a bike from a fellow camper every now and then, for example to go shopping or to the laundromat. 

On cobblestones

If I do not have this possibility, then just by foot - partly with and partly without dog, depending on the circumstances - to do errands. I deliberately leave the camper for such errands, because first of all it protects the environment and the wallet, you do not have to look for a parking space and is good for your own health and fitness. In general, I walk a lot.

Jogging and hiking

You can also stay fit by jogging or hiking. Since I have a dog, I love walks by the sea or in the forest with the dog. These walks are a daily part of my cardio program. Or as they say, the best thing for a man's health is a dog, because you have to get out and exercise no matter what the weather is like.


Since I discovered and learned to love archery in Austria some time ago, I go on courses especially in the summer months. I just love to be out on the courses with the dog early in the morning and just before dusk - when almost no one is out and about and the dog can run free - shooting at these 3D animals. For me it's a great combination of dogwalk, being in nature, cardio program, because I usually walk 90 to 120 minutes briskly and partly, depending on the course, uphill and downhill, concentration and relaxation. Simply ingenious.


I used to play a lot of golf and stopped a few years ago. However, I am thinking about starting again in the future and driving to some golf courses with the camper. We'll see what the future brings.

So even those who live in RVs and also work like me can keep fit on the road. There are many possibilities.

I would be happy if one or the other suggestion was there for you and if you write me what you like to do for your fitness on the road.